Submit a Document!


There are two ways to submit documents electronically:

On-site (recommended) – Just enter your info in the spaces provided, select a service and deadline, paste the text of your document in the box, and send!

E-mail – Send your document to  — Attach your document in an appropriate file format (see below) or paste the full text in the body of your message.  Submission guidelines below.


Write Now! accepts all major credit cards through PayPalWe will e-mail you an invoice when your order is ready.

You don’t need a PayPal account to pay a PayPal invoice!


Copy your text—up to 50 pages at a time—paste it into the box provided, and submit!  (Hint: To select & copy the full text of a document, click “Edit” ➥ “Select All” and copy the highlighted text.)


E-mail submissions must contain the following information:

  • SERVICE (Proofreading, Copyediting, Complete Editing, Translating, or Writing)  Please include SERVICE in subject line as well.
  • NAME (Customer/Company)
  • PRIORITY LEVEL: Standard, Rush, or Same-Day
  • DEADLINE(S) – When do you want it?  When do you need it?
  • Any additional instructions, requests or other relevant information

Documents may be submitted as e-mail attachments in any of the following formats:

.DOC  ◊  .DOCX  ◊  .RTF  ◊  .TXT

E-Mail Write Now! ⇐

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